21 Feb

Come on we can breathe well enough to form a fist and pack our punches! (non-violently) of course, but ” I have been to the mountain….”
The average age of anyone using the e-cigarettes is over 30. Most have either suffered.
financially from inflated taxes, physically from tar and carbonmonoxide plus thousands of other chemicals in real burning leaf tobacco. They are ostracized by employers and NON-smokers, they have tried all of the Big Pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapies to no avail, they can be fined for smoking in their own cars, parks, or anywhere (almost). Should people over the age of 30 not be allowed to buy ice cream or candy bars, because, it may entice someone under the legal age for smoking to eat sweets? 4,000,000 Americans are vaping, and daily growth is exponential, and we did it ourselves, we helped ourselves because all we ever got from nicotine prohibitionists was SMOKE or DIE! All these so called health regulatory institutions, such FDA, AMA, AHA, ALA get gigantic amounts of money from the Big Pharmaceutical companies, which produce products for every ailment real or imagined! 90% failure rates for nicotine replacement therapies. Just watch nightly FOX news, and every commercial ad, promotes disease and ailments, with drugs, that have the FDA’s green light of approval, though they all have side-effects that could kill us?

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

In the previous post I addressed the common anti-THR statement that a smoker who switches to a smoke-free alternative is “still addicted”, and that whatever that means, somehow it should be considered both bad and important.  I observed that this sentiment, unlike many anti-THR claims which are pretty much always dishonest rationalizations by ANTZ, often comes from people who are genuinely concerned and open-minded, but have just not thought the matter through.  Thus, it is useful to be ready to respond.  I further noted that the easy and quick responses, which are most often what is needed, turn out to be quite different from the more scientific discussion.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the simple and quick response, though a bit cheap and easy, is actually the place to start even if you are inclined to have a more precise…

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