Is it Possible for Tobacco Lovers (and Vapers) to be Proactive?

30 Oct


Bolton Smokers Club

For a change, smokers have the high moral ground.

Such a statement ought to raise eyebrows – understandably. And so it would be, were it not that I include vapers in the group ‘smokers’. However, to do so, I have had to redefine the meaning of ‘smoker’. Perhaps I should use the word ‘puffer’, for vapers puff on their ecigs and smokers puff on their cigarettes.

But is it possible for smokers to cooperate with vapers when retailers of ecigs are using much the same language that the Tobacco Control Industry uses to vilify smokers, in order to sell their ecigs? Well, hopefully, yes. The reason is in the phrase “commercial imperative”.

Business rarely considers morality. If it is not illegal, you can do it. If that means bad-mouthing your competitors, then go ahead. In this case, ecigs are in competition with tobacco cigs, so, in a business sense, it…

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