Sorting Out the EU

4 Mar

Bolton Smokers Club

It is bound to happen eventually.

I do not mean the break-up of the EU, but that might also happen. What I mean is disobedience. EU affiliated States cannot go on for ever ignoring the wishes of their people and obeying the dictats of the EU. Sooner or later, a State will say, “NO!!! WE WILL NOT COMPLY

You see, what has been happening is that the Elite in the EU have been playing one country against another, and one group of people against another. So far, it has worked terribly well. The latest Tobacco Products Directive is a good example. The original proposal was to treat ecigs as medicines. That idea did not get through, but the proposal was watered down somewhat and secret discussions ensued. In the event, the proposal which was passed (with a huge majority, note) was little different, in effect, from the original…

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