Danny Danfoshizzle Dillon’s Story

16 Mar

Vapeaholics Anonymous

I loved smoking, and I never saw me quitting, but I also have another hobby, and that hobby is Gadgets, I bloody love them, and when I saw an ecig for the first time it was  like a geeky fantasy come true. So I purchased after some research a 510-t system and man was that a mistake lol, but I had found a new love for vaping, and it has led me to be writing this post right now.

942534_10151586561282432_104226711_nΩVaping on the wedding day!Ω

Nowadays I’m using Kayfuns and mech mods, and anything else that I can rebuild. Over the past year and a half I have learnt so much, Battery safety, resistances and polishing skills just to name a few, but what keeps me motivated and the reason I also do videos about vaping, is the friends I have made along the way.

Over the past few…

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