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Scientific Evidence in Support of Electronic Cigarette Technology

28 Apr

Michigan Vapers are United.


As time goes by, more and more studies are being done by more than a few pillars of the scientific community on the health effects of E-cigarettes. I would say “dangers” of E-cigarettes, but the results of these tests have unanimously determined that there are no dangers to speak of when one is in fact speaking of electronic cigarettes and the vapor they produce. The studies that have been completed thus far consist of the following data groups: short and long term exposure to E-cigarette vapor, toxicity levels of inhaled vaporized nicotine/propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine, levels of secondhand exposure to E-cig vapor, and presences of dangerous/carcinogenic chemicals in E-cig vapor. As stated above, the results of these controlled, scientific analyses and tests (even those done by objective, third-party organizations) are all highly in favor of electronic cigarettes being highly effective at delivering a safe, harmless, and danger-free tobacco-replacement experience.

One study…

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Scientific claims in the FDA deeming regulation (part 1 of ???)

28 Apr

Slights of Fancy instead of factual science, FDA must be held accountable for!

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

As presumably every regular reader know, the FDA CTP has published their draft “deeming” regulations that will bring e-cigarettes, dissolvable nicotine product, and some hypothetical other THR products (as well as some combustible products) under their jurisdiction.  You can find more about that, including our ongoing analysis of our overall assessment of the regulations, at the CASAA blog.

This post begins a series of unknown length that will analyze the scientific claims being made in the draft regulation, the associated economic impact statement, and any other partially-scientific documents that are produced. While there is substantial unhappiness about the proposed regulations, and protests that it is just not the right thing to do, it is unlikely that these will have a large influence on FDA’s final decision or any adjudication of it.  Third party reviewers of FDA’s actions (i.e., courts) will probably much more concerned…

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FDA ecig regulation vs. Iraq War, parallels

27 Apr

It’s not about war versus health, it’s about the approach and management and the unaccountability where it most matters.


Someone was lamenting to me that the attempt to respond to the FDA’s new proposed regulation of e-cigarettes is sadly like the protests in 2003 in advance of the invasion of Iraq: a lot of people are protesting and pointing out obvious downsides, but isn’t the U.S. government going to just do what it wants anyway?

That got me thinking about other parallels, and they struck me as uncanny, and deserving of one of those “versus” tables, which appears below.  However, I am not so entirely pessimistic as my correspondent — see the italicized observations toward the end.

(Obvious disclaimer:  This blog, and thus this post, is not a CASAA publication like is.)

Sorry about the annoying margins — graphic design is not in my skill set.  Click to enlarge (and if your system works like mine, click again to enlarge more). Of if you want a .docx version to…

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Day Ninety One, I tried one of those once, load of rubbish.

22 Apr

I hope your rest well. Thank you I am in complete agreement with your essay. VAPE ON


There are many and varied versions of the anti-vaper, but the one who is really annoying me at the moment is the one who consistently informs me that my ecig doesn’t work, “Those things are cr@p, load of rubbish mate, have a real fag instead.”  I remember what it was like as a smoker, having unwanted opinions shoved at me about my habit, with the underlying jabs at my self-worth for being one of those sick and twisted individuals who couldn’t survive without nicotine, and didn’t have the WILLPOWER to quit.  I remember it, feeling so goddamned ashamed to light up that I avoided smoking in public at all. My standard answer is a cheerful, “Works for me!” with a gesture that I have come to think of as a vaper’s salute – like saying “Cheers” with a glass in your hand, but the gesture is made with your vape…

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FDA reveals its views on ecigs in new publication (part 2)

21 Apr

Denial, lies and more to come, conflicts of interest abound.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

This continues from the first post on the series (which you should read to understand what I am doing and why).

It has been an interesting few days in the world of rumor and inference about forthcoming FDA regulation of e-cigarettes.  It was amusing if you could momentarily step outside worrying about the outcome to focus on the process, and depressing otherwise.  It included a farcical dance in which publicity seekers set themselves up to get subpoenaed in the future (with a national news release and countdown timer, no less), the FDA shutting down that dance, and the designated jester of tobacco control, Glantz, swallowing the whole thing and characteristically making bold pronouncements based on reading a few sentences he did not really understand.  (We might consider the latter bad news:  Glantz declared that the regulations would be consumer-friendly — which, of course, he derided…

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Evil and the Opponents of the E Cigarette

19 Apr

Robert you have written one of the most informative and complete accounts of the corruption (=evil), from every underhanded sphere and better yet the crime must have a motive, you have captured the catastrophic death wielding powerful and the only hope is that “the truth shall set us free”


‘Evil’ can be regarded as something which has the quality of being morally bad or wrong; … Or that which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction: a leader’s power to do both good and evil. It can be regarded as an evil force, power, or personification. It is something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction: (Adapted from, )


Often, when encountering the arguments of those people who wish to stifle… Oh! There is a pun here. …Who wish to ‘snuff’ (sorry) out the fledgling e cigarette industry: when I  read their lies; when I finally work my way through their twisted logic; when I am numbed by their repetitions, I think, ‘this is evil.’ Of course, it is just an expression. But there again, is it?


“Evil can be regarded as something which has the quality of being morally bad or wrong.” On…

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Blather and the EU

18 Apr

Ignorance is the law and the Citizens are the 99% tile.

Bolton Smokers Club

I have been reading quite a lot about the EU, the WHO and the UN tonight. It always amuses me to read how people tie themselves into knots over things like ‘how to leave the EU’; it seems that the UK would have to invoke Article 50, or something that that previous government of the UK agreed to.

The reality is very different.

It is no accident that Treaties are not passed by Parliament. They are agreed by whatever current government exists. Sure, there will be discussions in Parliament, but when it comes down to actually signing the Treaty the government of the day simply does it. Thus, the existing government at the time agrees, with other governments in other states, to abide by the Treaty. As I understand it, there are lots of treaties still ‘on the books’, but which time has rendered obsolete.  The odd thing about that…

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Leave vapers alone – What’s your story? by – Colin

14 Apr

#IMPROOF and Millions of others are too.

The Visibility of Smokers

13 Apr

Shaming, Blaming and Taxing Smokers to Death is not a good intention.

Bolton Smokers Club

There was a time, not long ago, when I would walk up to the pub without bothering to smoke a cig on the way. Now, of course, it is ‘de rigeur’ to do so.

Some comical effects ensue from the indoor smoking ban. For example, if you go to Manchester airport, just around the entrance, there are massive signs saying, “NO SMOKING HERE””” In theory, the entrance area is ‘an enclosed place’ because it has a roof and has sides, disregarding the fact that it is a huge wind-tunnel. Also disregarding that no staff actually work in that area, other than the occasional visit, and disregarding the sheer SIZE of the wind-tunnel. Only in the UK could a shower of drizzle be equated to a thunderstorm. Palma airport, in contrast, has a nice little cafe in the exit area which is under cover, in the sense that it is within…

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Taxable Vapor: Washington Legislature Considers Taxing Electronic Cigarettes Like Tobacco Products

7 Apr

Even handed yet very revealing if the readers are paying attention and doing their homework.


The TaxfatherI’ll make a tax they can’t refuse.

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

In the seemingly endless hunger to tax everything under the clouds the Washington Legislature is considering placing a 95% wholesale tax on electronic cigarettes and supplies. Currently retail sales of e-cigarettes are taxed as ordinary sales tax where as tobacco products are taxed at the highest wholesale tax rate in the United States. 

Not to be pushed out of the tax racket, the various families at the state legislature are trying to make sure their interests are “protected”.

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