The Visibility of Smokers

13 Apr

Shaming, Blaming and Taxing Smokers to Death is not a good intention.

Bolton Smokers Club

There was a time, not long ago, when I would walk up to the pub without bothering to smoke a cig on the way. Now, of course, it is ‘de rigeur’ to do so.

Some comical effects ensue from the indoor smoking ban. For example, if you go to Manchester airport, just around the entrance, there are massive signs saying, “NO SMOKING HERE””” In theory, the entrance area is ‘an enclosed place’ because it has a roof and has sides, disregarding the fact that it is a huge wind-tunnel. Also disregarding that no staff actually work in that area, other than the occasional visit, and disregarding the sheer SIZE of the wind-tunnel. Only in the UK could a shower of drizzle be equated to a thunderstorm. Palma airport, in contrast, has a nice little cafe in the exit area which is under cover, in the sense that it is within…

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