FDA reveals its views on ecigs in new publication (part 2)

21 Apr

Denial, lies and more to come, conflicts of interest abound.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

This continues from the first post on the series (which you should read to understand what I am doing and why).

It has been an interesting few days in the world of rumor and inference about forthcoming FDA regulation of e-cigarettes.  It was amusing if you could momentarily step outside worrying about the outcome to focus on the process, and depressing otherwise.  It included a farcical dance in which publicity seekers set themselves up to get subpoenaed in the future (with a national news release and countdown timer, no less), the FDA shutting down that dance, and the designated jester of tobacco control, Glantz, swallowing the whole thing and characteristically making bold pronouncements based on reading a few sentences he did not really understand.  (We might consider the latter bad news:  Glantz declared that the regulations would be consumer-friendly — which, of course, he derided…

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