Day Ninety One, I tried one of those once, load of rubbish.

22 Apr

I hope your rest well. Thank you I am in complete agreement with your essay. VAPE ON


There are many and varied versions of the anti-vaper, but the one who is really annoying me at the moment is the one who consistently informs me that my ecig doesn’t work, “Those things are cr@p, load of rubbish mate, have a real fag instead.”  I remember what it was like as a smoker, having unwanted opinions shoved at me about my habit, with the underlying jabs at my self-worth for being one of those sick and twisted individuals who couldn’t survive without nicotine, and didn’t have the WILLPOWER to quit.  I remember it, feeling so goddamned ashamed to light up that I avoided smoking in public at all. My standard answer is a cheerful, “Works for me!” with a gesture that I have come to think of as a vaper’s salute – like saying “Cheers” with a glass in your hand, but the gesture is made with your vape…

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