Scientific claims in the FDA deeming regulation (part 1 of ???)

28 Apr

Slights of Fancy instead of factual science, FDA must be held accountable for!

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

As presumably every regular reader know, the FDA CTP has published their draft “deeming” regulations that will bring e-cigarettes, dissolvable nicotine product, and some hypothetical other THR products (as well as some combustible products) under their jurisdiction.  You can find more about that, including our ongoing analysis of our overall assessment of the regulations, at the CASAA blog.

This post begins a series of unknown length that will analyze the scientific claims being made in the draft regulation, the associated economic impact statement, and any other partially-scientific documents that are produced. While there is substantial unhappiness about the proposed regulations, and protests that it is just not the right thing to do, it is unlikely that these will have a large influence on FDA’s final decision or any adjudication of it.  Third party reviewers of FDA’s actions (i.e., courts) will probably much more concerned…

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