Scientific Evidence in Support of Electronic Cigarette Technology

28 Apr

Michigan Vapers are United.


As time goes by, more and more studies are being done by more than a few pillars of the scientific community on the health effects of E-cigarettes. I would say “dangers” of E-cigarettes, but the results of these tests have unanimously determined that there are no dangers to speak of when one is in fact speaking of electronic cigarettes and the vapor they produce. The studies that have been completed thus far consist of the following data groups: short and long term exposure to E-cigarette vapor, toxicity levels of inhaled vaporized nicotine/propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine, levels of secondhand exposure to E-cig vapor, and presences of dangerous/carcinogenic chemicals in E-cig vapor. As stated above, the results of these controlled, scientific analyses and tests (even those done by objective, third-party organizations) are all highly in favor of electronic cigarettes being highly effective at delivering a safe, harmless, and danger-free tobacco-replacement experience.

One study…

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