Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’

2 May

Tobacco Control self proclaimed Umpire over health, needs to sit on the bench. Homerun.. whack! very well written!



It would appear that there is no such thing as ‘safe.’ If we are to believe what we are told, particularly with reference to Harm Reduction, there is no such thing exists as safe. We are told this repeatedly. We are warned against using this ‘dangerous’ term – that it leads us into an area that can be exploited by our opponents – I beg to differ.


I suppose, at a superficial level, nothing actually is safe: the water we drink; the air we breathe; the paste we brush our teeth with; the cat we love, who purrs contented on the sofa – they all bring with them that tiny element of risk: They may bring, toxins, allergens, teeth and claws.


So there is no such thing as safe?


Yes there is.


But first, with regard to Harm Reduction and electronic cigarettes, why is the…

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