Does ‘Denormalisation’ Actually Work?

8 May

Masterfully written reality gets voted up.

Frank Davis

From Dick Puddlecote:

Labour MSP Confirms It Wasn’t About Bar Staff

You may not have heard of Ken Macintosh – not surprising because even Ed Miliband struggles to remember him – but he made quite a revelation in the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

I cannot speak for other members, but my main motivation in voting for and supporting the ban on smoking in public places in Scotland was that it would help us to denormalise smoking, so that we would no longer see people smoking in our pubs or cafes or in most other workaday or social situations, and so that we and our children would no longer see smoking as a normal activity. I believe that the ban has been successful in doing exactly that …

Now, we jewel robbers have always known that the smoking ban was installed on the back of lies and deceit, but it’s nice…

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