With all due respect Mr Drakeford….

15 May

In the USA, Senator Harkin is the equivalent of Mr. Drakeford. I am sending this as a copy to our Legislatures those that also have such backwards objections to the miraculous invention of E-cigarettes that are saving millions of smokers lives with the potential to change the course of history.

Save e-cigs

Dear Mr Drakeford,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to attend and listen to the debate on Welsh Government proposals for a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces, substantially enclosed public places, and places of work in Wales. In your response to the debate you raised a number of issues that cause us concern.

You stated e-cigarettes were renormalising smoking and undermining the ban on smoking in public places.

On both points you were unable to provide any evidence that e-cigarettes were either renormalising smoking or undermining the ban on smoking in public places. However, Professor Robert West, Professor of health psychology and director of tobacco studies at University College London’s department of epidemiology and public health, following his latest research concluded:“Despite claims that electronic cigarettes risk re-normalising smoking, we found no evidence to support this.”[1]

You stated e-cigarettes act as a…

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