Hitchman, McNeill, Brose (2014) Addiction paper on ecigs

17 May


Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

This recent paper in Addiction by Hitchman, McNeill, and Brose, is a commentary calling for an “accurate and evidence-based debate” about e-cigarettes.  I will admit that my favorite part of it is this reference:

14. Phillips C. V.Anti-THR lies and related topics [internet]2014. Available at: http://antithrlies.com/2014/03/07/stanton-glantz-is-such-a-liar-that-even-the-acs-balks/ (accessed 11 March 2014) (Archived at http://www.webcitation.org/6OJPSzZLh on 24 March 2014).

I find it quite an entertaining citation, and for that I want to offer an apology to the authors.  That post was properly cited because it was (in my possibly biased opinion) the best debunking of the spurious gateway claims that was published at the time of their writing.  However, citing the title I published the analysis under must have given the authors pause.  Fortunately they went ahead and did it anyway.

Not that the title is incorrect — it clearly was accurate.  But this blog…

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