“For the Children”

24 May

Across The Pond……. we are connected regarding E-Cigarettes and more.

Bolton Smokers Club

I know, I know – we have again and again derided the claim “For the Children”. Zealot MPs use it all the time to persecute smokers.

It is astonishing that there has never been a voice demanding a definition of the word “CHILD”. Never have I seen such a demand. To make things worse, ASH ET AL have deliberately obfuscated the facts by referring to “children and young people”. What is clever about that phrase is that children are, by definition, ‘young people’ so that it is verbally incorrect to say ‘children AND young people’. The use of that phrase immediately introduces confusion.


I have been watching a video of an interview between Prof Robert West and Vapour Trials this evening. You can see the interview here:

David Dorn is a splendid chap. He has gone far beyond what an ordinary vaper might do. He has travelled all over…

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