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Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’

2 May

Tobacco Control self proclaimed Umpire over health, needs to sit on the bench. Homerun.. whack! very well written!



It would appear that there is no such thing as ‘safe.’ If we are to believe what we are told, particularly with reference to Harm Reduction, there is no such thing exists as safe. We are told this repeatedly. We are warned against using this ‘dangerous’ term – that it leads us into an area that can be exploited by our opponents – I beg to differ.


I suppose, at a superficial level, nothing actually is safe: the water we drink; the air we breathe; the paste we brush our teeth with; the cat we love, who purrs contented on the sofa – they all bring with them that tiny element of risk: They may bring, toxins, allergens, teeth and claws.


So there is no such thing as safe?


Yes there is.


But first, with regard to Harm Reduction and electronic cigarettes, why is the…

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Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’

2 May

Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’.

CDC goes full-Orwell in opposition to tobacco harm reduction

1 May

While we are more earnestly coming together to fight for our lives against those who are paid to pretend they are, we must see how their schema works.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

The CDC has been one of the most dedicated opponents of people avoiding the risks from cigarettes by using low-risk alternatives.  This dates back from before I started working in the area, long before e-cigarettes happened.  But it has usually been the same pathetic offhand lies you see everywhere, like those I documented from CDC Director Tom Frieden in the previous post.  But it has also become a fully Orwellian war on truth (or, as I just learned, perhaps Peleven-ian is the modern update of that, though I have not read him), an attempt to create an alternate reality that will trap the ignorant masses.

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Do English Public Health really want to ban vaping in public places?

1 May

The short answer is Yes, they do, unless they make the profits from it.

Save e-cigs

In the week that we saw news of a trebling in the number of e-cigarette users across the UK, it is deeply worrying that Public Health England are considering a ban on the use on e-cigarettes in public places.

See this article here:

There are now 2.1 million e-cigarette users in the UK who are all smoking fewer or no cigarettes as a result. This should be a cause for celebration, not concern!

We know from research published by ASH that e-cigarettes do not act as gateway to smoking. Research by Professor Robert West of University College London found no evidence that e-cigarettes re-normalised smoking, and a major scientific study undertaken by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and Professor Riccardo Polosa concluded that the “effects of e-cigarette use on by standers are minimal compared with conventional cigarettes.”

Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University London and the NHS have both made clear…

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Do English Public Health really want to ban vaping in public places?

1 May

Do English Public Health really want to ban vaping in public places?.


Yes, unless that profit from it.