Initial response from Save E-cigs to WHO proposals for the future regulation of e-cigarettes:

27 Aug


Save e-cigs

As a campaign we are particularly concerned about proposals to regulate e-cigarettes as both a tobacco product and a medicinal product, a ban on the use of flavourings in e-liquid, and a ban on the use of e-cigarettes indoors.

Quote for interested journalist:

“E-cigarettes are neither a medicinal nor a tobacco product, they are simply a viable alternative to conventional tobacco products that millions of current and former smokers globally rely upon to prevent them returning to smoking cigarettes. We are therefore very concerned that many of the WHO’s proposals, some of which go against independent and credible scientific research, will simply result in many existing vapers returning to smoking. This cannot be what the WHO wants. We urge the WHO to think again and to engage with vapers who after all are the ones most impacted by these proposals.”

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