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An open letter to Ruth Malone

29 Sep


Dear Ruth,

In a recent series of statements & exchanges with the vaping community on twitter, you appeared to acknowledge the important role that ecigs are playing, and yet you still want to crowbar a smoke-free non-tobacco product into your smoke-free air act. No. No. And once more, so I know you have heard me, No.

When will you people understand? The smoke-free air act itself is a travesty; a victory for zealous puritan ideology over science & freedom of choice. We will not let you and your colleagues gouge away even more of our freedoms on the basis of an even more spurious cod-scientific pack of lies.

Feel free to open, encourage & support a chain of vape-free coffee shops, bars & restaurants in your state. But don’t for one minute think that your ideology trumps the freedom of others to choose to frequent other cafes, bars & eateries…

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An open letter to Ruth Malone

29 Sep

An open letter to Ruth Malone.

Why should smoking be banned in all public places?

28 Sep

Every single word is true MJM

A school of dolphins

Answer by Michael J. McFadden:

Because it would help ensure that smokers smoked in their own homes around their spouses and children?

Actually, I believe the “official answer” or “accepted line” on this question has to do with “Denormalizing Smoking.” If smokers can be sent off to ghettos or forced to stay in their own homes while smoking it is thought that their “contagion by example” will be better contained, plus it will make their numbers appear smaller — thereby making it easier to target them with discriminatory legislation.


Why should smoking be banned in all public places?

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If your roommate smokes, and you can smell the smoke later, is that harmful smoke you are inhaling or is that just the odor of smoke?

27 Sep

It’s like blowing E-Cigarette Vapor in a microwave and claiming nano-particles of nicotine are carcinogenic. As Glandinitis has.

A school of dolphins

Answer by Michael J. McFadden:

In terms of “how harmful” it is, you will find people out there who will tell you that *any* exposure is *very* harmful — but they will have a very hard time supporting that statement if you ask them for studies and figures. The main basis justifying smoking bans in the U.S. (which is one of the places where the ban movement most strongly started) was the EPA Report of 1992 that claimed a 19% increase in lung cancer among workers “exposed to smoke.”

That sounds pretty serious, right?

BUT… when you look at the number more closely (which most people never do of course, since it’s not part of the glitzy news story or antismoking literature they’re seeing) things begin to look different. Lung cancer in nonsmokers is a pretty rare disease: only about 0.4% of non-exposed nonsmokers will ever get it: about one…

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Glantz is at it Again

26 Sep

If he would blow his breath in the microwave, I bet there would be more than nano particles from that wind bag! Good article.

Bolton Smokers Club

Crazy though it might seem, the mechanic from Californication has been at it again. This time, he blew some ecig vapour containing nicotine into something like a microwave oven and then checked to see if there were traces of nicotine on the inner surfaces of the box. Surprise! Surprise! Traces of nicotine were found on those surfaces.

What did he expect? Did he expect that the nicotine blown into the box would somehow disappear?

From this exercise in the obvious, he deduces that there is severe danger, despite the fact that the traces of nicotine were in the range of millionths of a gram. He states, without evidence, that these millionths of a gram of nicotine oxidise and produce nitrosamines which are ‘carcinogenic’.


I suppose that this ‘study’ will become part of ‘the body of evidence’.


How much of ‘the body of evidence’ is as useless as this?

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Listen to The Beatles’ isolated vocal tracks for Abbey Road medley

26 Sep

This is so beautiful, what a tribute and what a great gift these gifted musicians gave this world “The Beatles”

The Welsh ‘Government’ Consultation on ‘Smoking in Cars with Children, under the Age of 18, Present

21 Sep

Chaming Chameleons with endless senseless banter!

Bolton Smokers Club

The word ‘Astonished’ is not strong enough.

I tried to complete the on-line form to comment in the Welsh Consultation, but the fact is that the the document is a mess. It does not work. For example, there are boxes to tick about whether you agree or not that “Smoking in cars etc….!” is a good idea. But the boxes do not work. You cannot actually ‘check’ the boxes. It is a mess.

Are we surprised?


There are seven questions. Six are actually about smoking in cars with ‘children’ (described as ‘under the age of 18’) present. I cannot remember any occasion when a person aged 17 has been described as ‘a child’.

But that is not the subject of this post.

It is question 7 which is the subject. It asks [paraphrased], “Do you think that e-cigarettes should be banned in vehicles where children under the age of…

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“Public Health” and “Medication Regulation”

21 Sep

How out of control are those that control our Public Health, as in our, mine and yours.

Bolton Smokers Club

I’ve used the phrase ‘medication regulation’ in the title as a self-explanatory term for the MHRA, which regulates medicines and medical devices in the UK.

There is something odd about the conduct of Public Health and the MHRA which is worrying. Both organisations are directly concerned with the health of the public, but approach it from different directions. The MHRA exists to ensure that therapies are absolutely as effective and safe as possible, whereas ‘Public Health’ is concerned with stopping people needing medications in the first place.

What is odd is that the MHRA requires absolutely correct science – factual science, clinical studies, trials, etc – before it will approve a medication or device. Only drugs companies have the money and expertise to do the evaluations, and they are required to pay large sums of money to get their products approved. And it takes a long time. Essentially, however, the…

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A Further Message to Public Health Professionals

19 Sep

Where is the enthusiasm, the wonder and the support from public health for smokers who have embarked upon a real solution that works for millions of ex-smokers, Electronic Cigarettes???

Tabakepidemie vs. Ebola-Epidemie: Finden Sie den Unterschied

18 Sep

Tabakepidemie vs. Ebola-Epidemie: Finden Sie den Unterschied.