“Asthmatising” (2)

11 Sep

Bolton Smokers Club

It is fairly obvious what the point of this new farcical study is.

It is to negate the obvious statistical fact that, as smoking has decreased over the past several decades, so has the incidence of childhood asthma increased in step. Thus, it is highly improbable that smoking causes childhood asthma, which TC has previously claimed to be the case.

How can that obvious correlation (decrease/increase) be overturned? Well, this study is an attempt to do just that. Clever buggers!

The trick is to claim that past smoking, while a man is young, alters his genetic production of ‘healthy’ sperm. The longer he smoked, especially if he began in his teens, the worse the effect on his ‘biological sperm production line’. Thus, the decline in smoking as a result of quitting, is not a reason to expect a reduction of childhood asthma. But that argument is faulty because, although it…

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