Tobacco Control and Ebola

17 Sep

Anger is justified.

Bolton Smokers Club

Other more erudite commenters have examined the Ebola Epidemic. Just to be sure what we are talking about, we are talking about an actual, real “epidemic”. It is not a world-wide ‘pandemic’, but it is certainly an epidemic in the sense of an uncontrollable spread which gets greater and greater. At the moment, it is more or less confined to certain African Countries, but … who knows where it will appear next?

At this time, the virus can only be transmitted from one person to another by ‘the exchange of bodily fluids’. Does that mean by sexual activity or what? These bastard WHO medics are hiding the truth until they can spin it. Bastards. The ‘experts’ say that they are terribly worried that the virus could ‘morph’ and become airborne.


Big Pharma has not been able to produce a ‘cure ‘, in the sense of penicillin. BUT, LO AND…

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