“Public Health” and “Medication Regulation”

21 Sep

How out of control are those that control our Public Health, as in our, mine and yours.

Bolton Smokers Club

I’ve used the phrase ‘medication regulation’ in the title as a self-explanatory term for the MHRA, which regulates medicines and medical devices in the UK.

There is something odd about the conduct of Public Health and the MHRA which is worrying. Both organisations are directly concerned with the health of the public, but approach it from different directions. The MHRA exists to ensure that therapies are absolutely as effective and safe as possible, whereas ‘Public Health’ is concerned with stopping people needing medications in the first place.

What is odd is that the MHRA requires absolutely correct science – factual science, clinical studies, trials, etc – before it will approve a medication or device. Only drugs companies have the money and expertise to do the evaluations, and they are required to pay large sums of money to get their products approved. And it takes a long time. Essentially, however, the…

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