The Welsh ‘Government’ Consultation on ‘Smoking in Cars with Children, under the Age of 18, Present

21 Sep

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Bolton Smokers Club

The word ‘Astonished’ is not strong enough.

I tried to complete the on-line form to comment in the Welsh Consultation, but the fact is that the the document is a mess. It does not work. For example, there are boxes to tick about whether you agree or not that “Smoking in cars etc….!” is a good idea. But the boxes do not work. You cannot actually ‘check’ the boxes. It is a mess.

Are we surprised?


There are seven questions. Six are actually about smoking in cars with ‘children’ (described as ‘under the age of 18’) present. I cannot remember any occasion when a person aged 17 has been described as ‘a child’.

But that is not the subject of this post.

It is question 7 which is the subject. It asks [paraphrased], “Do you think that e-cigarettes should be banned in vehicles where children under the age of…

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