Glantz is at it Again

26 Sep

If he would blow his breath in the microwave, I bet there would be more than nano particles from that wind bag! Good article.

Bolton Smokers Club

Crazy though it might seem, the mechanic from Californication has been at it again. This time, he blew some ecig vapour containing nicotine into something like a microwave oven and then checked to see if there were traces of nicotine on the inner surfaces of the box. Surprise! Surprise! Traces of nicotine were found on those surfaces.

What did he expect? Did he expect that the nicotine blown into the box would somehow disappear?

From this exercise in the obvious, he deduces that there is severe danger, despite the fact that the traces of nicotine were in the range of millionths of a gram. He states, without evidence, that these millionths of a gram of nicotine oxidise and produce nitrosamines which are ‘carcinogenic’.


I suppose that this ‘study’ will become part of ‘the body of evidence’.


How much of ‘the body of evidence’ is as useless as this?

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