An open letter to Ruth Malone

29 Sep


Dear Ruth,

In a recent series of statements & exchanges with the vaping community on twitter, you appeared to acknowledge the important role that ecigs are playing, and yet you still want to crowbar a smoke-free non-tobacco product into your smoke-free air act. No. No. And once more, so I know you have heard me, No.

When will you people understand? The smoke-free air act itself is a travesty; a victory for zealous puritan ideology over science & freedom of choice. We will not let you and your colleagues gouge away even more of our freedoms on the basis of an even more spurious cod-scientific pack of lies.

Feel free to open, encourage & support a chain of vape-free coffee shops, bars & restaurants in your state. But don’t for one minute think that your ideology trumps the freedom of others to choose to frequent other cafes, bars & eateries…

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