Are electronic cigarettes expensive compared to their less healthy counterparts?

18 Oct

Excellent and informative, hope many will take advantage of the information.

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Answer by Ljubica Kljaic Petracic:

Already wrote about it on my site, so I’ll just rewrite myself.

The answer in a nutshell: electronic cigarette is as expensive (or as cheap) as you choose it to be.

With so many e-cig variants today, you can really choose whether you’re going to pay around $50 or $150 or more monthly. This includes initial costs (starter kit i.e. batteries a couple of cartomizers or clearomizers, USB charger, wall adapter)

Of course, there are expensive or, shall we say, way overpriced e-cig products on the market. These are mostly disposables, usually sold at malls, gas stations ets. They don’t last nearly as much as advertised. After trying a number of these, I can say that you basically give anything between $7-10 for several hours of vaping. You obviously don’t need that.

There are high quality reusable vapor cigarettes that are definitely not on…

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