The Effects of Ebola on COP 6

20 Oct

Taking full account of it all.

Bolton Smokers Club

Have the Zealots and Charlatans finished yet? Have they finished their secret decision-making jollifications in Moscow?

The WHO is under siege over Ebola, and in any normal Industry, heads would roll. But that is hardly likely in the WHO. That is because it is not like any other Industry in that it is an Absolute Monopoly. It is a little like an Absolute Monarchy, except that no one knows who the Monarch is. Further, in the current climate over Ebola, one would think that the WHO would be fully occupied by it and that Tobacco Control would take a back seat. But don’t expect that it be so. The probability is that COP6 will be exploited with the fullest enthusiasm, once it has completed its secret cogitations. After all, the WHO President decided to avoid a conference about Ebala and attend a conference about ‘the tobacco epidemic’ instead. She rated…

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