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Democracy and the Power of the People in Westminster’s Tobacco Ban | CSPnet

27 Nov



Democracy and the Power of the People in Westminster’s Tobacco Ban | CSPnet.

My Mistake about the Videos About the Fraudulent IPCC

17 Nov

Axacting judgment that takes on politicians, charities and the destruction of democracy.

Bolton Smokers Club

Damn it! Not being  ‘au fait’ with the processes of of Facebook etc, when I linked to the video about ‘global warming’ (in which various ‘scientists’ denounced the global warming hypothesis), I had intended to link to a video which appeared AFTER that first video. Unfortunately, my link only linked to that specific video. 

The video that I intended to link to was one in which a lady actually investigated the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). She was a journalist with a conscience. She was perturbed about the idea of ‘consensus’ among ‘scientists’ about the effects of ‘climate change’. It was the statement that ‘97% of scientists agree’ which set her off. And it is simple to understand why she was set off. With something as complex as the climate, how did it come to be that 97% agreed that human activity was important and, possibly, might create conditions…

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Further about the IPCC and the FCTC

17 Nov

Bolton Smokers Club

I’m a bit surprised that no one took up my suggestion to watch the videos here:

They are good stuff since they show that the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change’ (IPCC) is a political and bureaucratic organisation and not a scientific one, and that ‘scientific papers’ are anything but, and that the reports of the IPCC are ‘fixed’. In other words, the IPCC is a fraud.

It makes sense to believe that the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the FCTC) was also fixed and is a fraud. In fact, the fact that The Public and The Press were excluded from the shindig in Moscow shows with little doubt that that ‘conference’ was little more than window-dressing; that it was a gang of bureaucrats agreeing to whatever the leadership said. Thus, the conference followed WHO demands from its ‘partners’, the Drugs Companies, to condemn  ecigs. That is what happened. It…

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The ‘Pasting’ that the Tobacco Control Industry is receiving over the Ecig Advert

12 Nov

Destroyed! That’s D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D.

Bolton Smokers Club

Today has been jolly amusing.

Last night, I deliberately watched the programme which had the VIP ecig advert so that I could see that advert. The advert itself was about as innocuous as it could be without showing a granddad or grandma using the ecig rather than a thirty-odd year old, quite attractive woman (note that it was a woman and not a man but the Zealots dare not draw attention the gender because that would be sexist).  Because the advert featured a quite attractive, thirty-odd year old female, it became ‘sexual’ in the eyes of the puritanical Zealots. I wonder what the Zealots would have said had it been a ‘cuddly bear’ vaping an ecig? Clearly, it would have been said to be appealing to ‘children’ (literally, and not the definition of ‘a child’ as a person up to and including 24 years of age).

I have listened (retrospectively) to…

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Art by Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987

7 Nov

Art by Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987

WILD HORSES New   Oil on canvas 20×32″ unframed Art By Lisabelle

Art by Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987.

Crippling Control

5 Nov

Crippling Control.

Crippling Control

5 Nov

You must ask for what you want, LOUDLY & OFTEN!

Norbert Zillatron

Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) often provide rather reliable result. The problems are in the design and interpreting the meaning of the results. E.g.:

There was a RCT comparing the efficacy of NRT, ecigs, and “cold turkey”. While technically solid, the problem is: This trial wasn’t modelled on reality. The results, good as they are, were still disappointing and don’t seem to match with the abundant anecdotes. The explanation is simple. The scientists appearently started with erroneous assumptions:

“All ecigs are basically the same.”
Well, they aren’t. Picking just one model with a specific liquid cripples the results so that they simply can’t match the reality, where ecigs users usually have to try several devices and many liquids before they find combinations they are comfortable with. ->Pleasure Principle ->Don’t Dismiss Differences

“Ecigs are just like any other NRT.”
Some people might use them this way. If you prescribe a regime…

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Proposed smoking ban on city property would start Jan. 1, 2016 – Muskogee Phoenix: Local News

1 Nov

Proposed smoking ban on city property would start Jan. 1, 2016 – Muskogee Phoenix: Local News.


 I hear only two people in Muskogee that are American enought to value what we were taught to believe in of our country, America, regarding our liberties and rights. The rest are pushing a greedy controlling agenda, urged no doubt by bribery monies, from donors like Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Tobacco and even Big Government!  Before an election, this should be a wake up call in Muskogee. My vote goes to Deputy Mayor David Jones & Dan Hall who place true values over and above cheapness, cunning and tactics we saw in Communist countries, we never wanted to emulate. 

Tobacco Duty Taxes

1 Nov


Bolton Smokers Club

Tobacco product Rate.
Cigarettes 16.5% of retail price plus £184.10 per 1,000 cigarettes.
Cigars £229.65 per kg.
Hand rolling tobacco £180.46 per kg.
Other smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco £100.96 per kg.


It appears that there is a proliferation of individuals who have been importing dried leaves and thus depriving the Revenue of vast amounts of duty taxes. It is not easy to calculate the actual losses to the Revenue since, among other things, cost of collection of Revenue is ignored. The fact is that when the UK had Tobacco Manufacturers, it was easy, and cheap, to extract vast amounts of Revenue from them with insignificant costs.


I mention the above because the Zealots and Charlatans in The Tobacco Control Industry seem to be intent upon stopping people buying ‘raw tobacco’. They claim that such people are ‘avoiding duty’.

Perhaps they are, but they have the human right…

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