Crippling Control

5 Nov

You must ask for what you want, LOUDLY & OFTEN!

Norbert Zillatron

Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) often provide rather reliable result. The problems are in the design and interpreting the meaning of the results. E.g.:

There was a RCT comparing the efficacy of NRT, ecigs, and “cold turkey”. While technically solid, the problem is: This trial wasn’t modelled on reality. The results, good as they are, were still disappointing and don’t seem to match with the abundant anecdotes. The explanation is simple. The scientists appearently started with erroneous assumptions:

“All ecigs are basically the same.”
Well, they aren’t. Picking just one model with a specific liquid cripples the results so that they simply can’t match the reality, where ecigs users usually have to try several devices and many liquids before they find combinations they are comfortable with. ->Pleasure Principle ->Don’t Dismiss Differences

“Ecigs are just like any other NRT.”
Some people might use them this way. If you prescribe a regime…

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