The ‘Pasting’ that the Tobacco Control Industry is receiving over the Ecig Advert

12 Nov

Destroyed! That’s D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D.

Bolton Smokers Club

Today has been jolly amusing.

Last night, I deliberately watched the programme which had the VIP ecig advert so that I could see that advert. The advert itself was about as innocuous as it could be without showing a granddad or grandma using the ecig rather than a thirty-odd year old, quite attractive woman (note that it was a woman and not a man but the Zealots dare not draw attention the gender because that would be sexist).  Because the advert featured a quite attractive, thirty-odd year old female, it became ‘sexual’ in the eyes of the puritanical Zealots. I wonder what the Zealots would have said had it been a ‘cuddly bear’ vaping an ecig? Clearly, it would have been said to be appealing to ‘children’ (literally, and not the definition of ‘a child’ as a person up to and including 24 years of age).

I have listened (retrospectively) to…

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