Further about the IPCC and the FCTC

17 Nov

Bolton Smokers Club

I’m a bit surprised that no one took up my suggestion to watch the videos here:


They are good stuff since they show that the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change’ (IPCC) is a political and bureaucratic organisation and not a scientific one, and that ‘scientific papers’ are anything but, and that the reports of the IPCC are ‘fixed’. In other words, the IPCC is a fraud.

It makes sense to believe that the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the FCTC) was also fixed and is a fraud. In fact, the fact that The Public and The Press were excluded from the shindig in Moscow shows with little doubt that that ‘conference’ was little more than window-dressing; that it was a gang of bureaucrats agreeing to whatever the leadership said. Thus, the conference followed WHO demands from its ‘partners’, the Drugs Companies, to condemn  ecigs. That is what happened. It…

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