My Mistake about the Videos About the Fraudulent IPCC

17 Nov

Axacting judgment that takes on politicians, charities and the destruction of democracy.

Bolton Smokers Club

Damn it! Not being  ‘au fait’ with the processes of of Facebook etc, when I linked to the video about ‘global warming’ (in which various ‘scientists’ denounced the global warming hypothesis), I had intended to link to a video which appeared AFTER that first video. Unfortunately, my link only linked to that specific video. 

The video that I intended to link to was one in which a lady actually investigated the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). She was a journalist with a conscience. She was perturbed about the idea of ‘consensus’ among ‘scientists’ about the effects of ‘climate change’. It was the statement that ‘97% of scientists agree’ which set her off. And it is simple to understand why she was set off. With something as complex as the climate, how did it come to be that 97% agreed that human activity was important and, possibly, might create conditions…

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