Your Days Are Numbered

23 Dec

You are not alone with those thoughtful sentiments!

Frank Davis

I must say that I really enjoy how antismoking zealots are falling out with each other over e-cigs. It’s enough to go buy some popcorn and a few beers, and sit back watching the action with a big grin.

These are people who’ve all devoted their lives to attacking and demonising and excluding smokers (and now vapers), largely at public expense, and now they’re all attacking and demonising each other.

So H/T Dick Puddlecote for the latest spat, which is between one-time ASH boss (and thus antismoker) Clive Bates, and the four authors of an outraged letter to the Lancet, in response to the letter from a part-time waitress in Cornwall.

You really couldn’t make it up.

The authors of the Lancet letter complain of being “insulted”, adding:

anyone with the temerity to suggest that e-cigarettes are anything other than the game changing solution to the problem…

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