Japanese vapour torture

24 Jan

Beat those senseless ANTZ fools with their own game!


One of the oldest tricks in the Glantzian book, and one that has been used for decades by the swivel-eyed curtain-twitchers of the tobacco control industry, is the establishment of a body of evidence.

It only takes a cursory look at Stan’s outpourings to see how it works. Write something, then write something else that cites the first thing you wrote. Then when you come to write your third piece, you can now cite your first two sources to demonstrate “a growing body of evidence”.

You’ve got to hand it to Stan, the constant drip, drip, drip of suspect science, misinformation and barefaced lies seeps into the public consciousness almost imperceptibly, and it also doubles up as a slow but steady torture for those who stand in the ANTZ’ path and ask awkward questions.

It matters little to the sour-faced purse-lipped fanatics that any or all of it is utter…

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