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A Terrible Atrocity

23 Feb

Yes and I am sure that if governments didn’t show compassion to Aids victims the same would have been true for them, not on the same scale, of course. Dr. Siegel contributes where and how he discerns is correct. I don’t harbor a grudge against him. In the past year or more I have followed his blog, I never see him bashing smokers? I see him bashing unfair, corrupt and questionable practices of the Tobacco Control ANTZ, that are blind to an entire segment of the population, people who enjoy using tobacco. I realise his anti-smoking cause is a launching pad, but it isn’t his current crusade, I believe health is but that is threatened more than continuing to smoke, being it is only about the profits and not about the human lives involved.

Frank Davis

Michael Siegel picked up the same story that I did last night:

According to an article in the Gloucester (UK) Citizen, the health scare over electronic cigarettes has led many adoption agencies in the UK to prohibit anyone who uses e-cigarettes from adopting children. In fact, some districts preclude anyone who has used an e-cigarette in the past 12 months from adopting.

His response was much the same as mine:

This story really turns my stomach. Moreover, it is just heartbreaking. How misguided this policy is. How devastating the consequences. Due to the anti-smoking groups’ dissemination of false and misleading information about the hypothetical consquences of vaping, actual harm is being done to many people.

This story reveals that not only is this harm being done to smokers who have decided to continue smoking rather than engage in a behavior that many health advocates say is as dangerous as…

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Can the Scottish Government REALLY Ban Smoking in the Open Air?===Various Non-sequitures

21 Feb

Can I shoot down a Drone over my property? LOL Very excellent post.

Bolton Smokers Club

I’m not sure, but I think that General Bans on smoking are a Westminster matter. Thus, no matter how much the Propagandists try to imply that smoking can be banned in the open air by the Scottish Parliament, the fact is that the Scottish Parliament cannot make open air smoking a criminal offence. It is limited to ‘substantially enclosed places’, just as is England. I know that many football grounds and similar places ban smoking, but that is their choice, and their answer to anyone smoking could not be to call the police, merely because that person is smoking. They would have to eject that person from the ground for disobeying the club’s rules. That is quite different from enforcing a law of the land.

I draw this matter to the readers attention because of a report on the BBC website:

the headline states:

E-cigarettes to be banned…

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Time for an Oxford Union Debate: “The Tobacco Control Industry Is Corrupt”

16 Feb

Past time, so get it done.

Bolton Smokers Club

Over the last several years, the corruption of The Tobacco Control Industry has become more and more obvious. Even many Public Health Experts, such as Siegel, Phillips, Bates, and many, many others have said so. There are hundreds of them, who are themselves believers in the miasma effect of tobacco smoke, but are appalled by the intolerance. And yet they find it extremely difficult to declare that Big Pharma has taken over TC for its own commercial purposes. Perhaps they are afraid of being sued or sacked, or both. Or perhaps they do not have the evidence.

That is the reason that an ‘Oxford Union Debate’ is required. In those circumstances, generally speaking, in such debates, debaters can say what they want. That is the nature of such debates. People can say what they think might be happening, and can try to convince the members of the debating society that…

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Public Health Officials PREFER you to smoke cigarettes. For Immediate Release

15 Feb

Public Health Officials PREFER you to smoke cigarettes. For Immediate Release.

Public Health Officials PREFER you to smoke cigarettes. For Immediate Release

15 Feb

Slander, Smear Campaign continues!

Vaping Links And More

For Immediate Release:

Public Health Officials prefer you to smoke cigarettes and they are getting away with it.

Around the world, many Public Health Officials, including Doctors, are falsely continuing to claim “e-cigarettes”, also known as “vaping” as a dangerous method to stop smoking, despite the expected protocol to normally show proof.

Not one official has provided proper documented evidence to their claims of “dangerous”, despite the severity; a first to those in what is normally considered a highly prestigious position of authority with these types of claims.

Apparently, they are using their prestige inappropriately and would rather you smoke cigarettes than to even try an electronic cigarette.

Their false claims, collusion, duplicity, hypocrisy and ineptitude, are confusing the masses, despite overwhelming scientific proof vaping is a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are quickly losing respect from their counterparts around the world.

These are just three quick examples of…

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This Damned Cold!===Fascism

11 Feb

Yes and it must be fought!

Bolton Smokers Club

I should have know better. What seemed like a bit of inconvenience yesterday has been no fun at all today. So I have spent almost all day folded up on the couch, vaguely snoozing and vaguely watching TV. No experiments today. I haven’t yet finished reading my favourite blogs.

Even so, I have interrupted my reading to bring you Rehead’s contribution of today:

Her article concerns a new Oz anti-smoker advert. You can watch the advert there.

There is no doubt that the advert gives the lie in a big, big way to ASH ET AL’s claims that they are not anti-smokER – that they are anti-smokING. Well, Debbie, the advert deliberately intends to shame smokers in the eyes of their friends and families and actively encourages those friends and families to sneer at smokERs, and revile them. Ostensibly, it is aimed at smokERs to shame them into stopping…

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Our sector needs tidying up; it does not need destroying

10 Feb


Our sector needs tidying up; it does not need destroying.

The electronic cigarette, personal vapouriser, call them what you will, is in my humble opinion a product group that has the potential to be a global catalyser of positive change that is deserving of Nobel appreciation.

However, we may never see its true potential due to the campaign of misinformation and craven captilualtive regulation that is attempting to cripple the nascent begins of the vaping phenomenon. The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), in its attempt to regulate these products under the auspice of existing tobacco product regulation, is one of the most ill-judged, morally questionable and divisive pieces of legislation that the EU has the arrogance to commit to law.

It is wrong on so many counts that one has to judge its framing on a level beyond sheer incompetence. It will have the potential to destroy what has been created in the past 6 years.”