The Baccy/Alcohol Experiment (2)

8 Feb

EXCELLENCE “Ever since the ‘Master Settlement’ in the USA, Tobacco Product Manufacturers have become silent. It is a matter of fact that, as part of the Master Settlement, tobacco companies agreed to ‘shut the fuck up’ (I do not often swear). You cannot blame them, since the Master Settlement was enormously to their advantage. Their advantage was gained from the totalitarian aspect of the Master Settlement – all tobacco companies involved just increased the price of a packet of cigs by 50 cents, collected that money and passed it to the State Treasuries. But what is important is that the main tobacco companies, collectively, gained a monopoly of supply.


The stench of corruption is like the stench of carbon monoxide – its presence cannot be detected by smell or sight. but it is a killer.

There is no intelligent or scientific justification for the smoking ban. None at all. All the blather about plain packs and car smoking bans are idiotic. Is that why the Prime Minister has decided to let these ridiculous dictats go through? Is it because they are like banning skiing in Barbados? Is it like banning mountaineering in Belgium?

Cameron and his pal, health sec Hunt, via the prostitute, Alison, have decided to cave in to the New Aristocracy. Or rather, they have not decided – they have capitulated.


I am an adult and I can decide to enjoy tobacco. I can also decide to enjoy alcohol and coffee and tea and roast beef, etc. ‘Children’ will become adults, and thus bans which apply to children will no longer apply to them when the become adults. Thus, it is reasonable to ban children from enjoying tobacco, if, in fact, such enjoyment is dangerous.

Parents will stop their children from doing stupid things until those children become independent. Even then, parents will act as a backstop if their children do something stupid. ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ comes to mind.

There is a conclusion.

Why is it that billions of dollars are being spent upon tobacco control world-wide when Ebola is killing thousands NOW, and only a few millions of dollars are being spent?

It is because of the ORGANISATION. The ORGANISATION is more important than the result.


To the WHO, deaths NOW from Ebola are not important. A few thousand deaths NOW do not matter. What matters to these aristocrats is how millions of putative deaths from smoking can make them wealthier.”

Bolton Smokers Club

Just to complete the the experiment, today I rolled a fag with my own stuff alone. It was the wadded stuff. That stuff is the stuff which I over-fermented as a result of compressing the leaves by rolling them up into a wad and tying the wad tightly with string.

Yesterday, I said that there was no difference between the whiskey flavoured fags and the unflavoured, but, having tried my unflavoured stuff again, there is a difference.

The big problem is that it is very hard to describe tastes, or even to remember them sometimes. I suppose that a little example might explain a little. Suppose that you are used to having only half a teaspoon of sugar in your cup of tea, but someone adds another teaspoon full of sugar, when you take a sip, you would screw your face up and go, “Ugh! Far too sweet!”. The wadded…

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