This Damned Cold!===Fascism

11 Feb

Yes and it must be fought!

Bolton Smokers Club

I should have know better. What seemed like a bit of inconvenience yesterday has been no fun at all today. So I have spent almost all day folded up on the couch, vaguely snoozing and vaguely watching TV. No experiments today. I haven’t yet finished reading my favourite blogs.

Even so, I have interrupted my reading to bring you Rehead’s contribution of today:

Her article concerns a new Oz anti-smoker advert. You can watch the advert there.

There is no doubt that the advert gives the lie in a big, big way to ASH ET AL’s claims that they are not anti-smokER – that they are anti-smokING. Well, Debbie, the advert deliberately intends to shame smokers in the eyes of their friends and families and actively encourages those friends and families to sneer at smokERs, and revile them. Ostensibly, it is aimed at smokERs to shame them into stopping…

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