Time for an Oxford Union Debate: “The Tobacco Control Industry Is Corrupt”

16 Feb

Past time, so get it done.

Bolton Smokers Club

Over the last several years, the corruption of The Tobacco Control Industry has become more and more obvious. Even many Public Health Experts, such as Siegel, Phillips, Bates, and many, many others have said so. There are hundreds of them, who are themselves believers in the miasma effect of tobacco smoke, but are appalled by the intolerance. And yet they find it extremely difficult to declare that Big Pharma has taken over TC for its own commercial purposes. Perhaps they are afraid of being sued or sacked, or both. Or perhaps they do not have the evidence.

That is the reason that an ‘Oxford Union Debate’ is required. In those circumstances, generally speaking, in such debates, debaters can say what they want. That is the nature of such debates. People can say what they think might be happening, and can try to convince the members of the debating society that…

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