Can the Scottish Government REALLY Ban Smoking in the Open Air?===Various Non-sequitures

21 Feb

Can I shoot down a Drone over my property? LOL Very excellent post.

Bolton Smokers Club

I’m not sure, but I think that General Bans on smoking are a Westminster matter. Thus, no matter how much the Propagandists try to imply that smoking can be banned in the open air by the Scottish Parliament, the fact is that the Scottish Parliament cannot make open air smoking a criminal offence. It is limited to ‘substantially enclosed places’, just as is England. I know that many football grounds and similar places ban smoking, but that is their choice, and their answer to anyone smoking could not be to call the police, merely because that person is smoking. They would have to eject that person from the ground for disobeying the club’s rules. That is quite different from enforcing a law of the land.

I draw this matter to the readers attention because of a report on the BBC website:

the headline states:

E-cigarettes to be banned…

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