A Terrible Atrocity

23 Feb

Yes and I am sure that if governments didn’t show compassion to Aids victims the same would have been true for them, not on the same scale, of course. Dr. Siegel contributes where and how he discerns is correct. I don’t harbor a grudge against him. In the past year or more I have followed his blog, I never see him bashing smokers? I see him bashing unfair, corrupt and questionable practices of the Tobacco Control ANTZ, that are blind to an entire segment of the population, people who enjoy using tobacco. I realise his anti-smoking cause is a launching pad, but it isn’t his current crusade, I believe health is but that is threatened more than continuing to smoke, being it is only about the profits and not about the human lives involved.

Frank Davis

Michael Siegel picked up the same story that I did last night:

According to an article in the Gloucester (UK) Citizen, the health scare over electronic cigarettes has led many adoption agencies in the UK to prohibit anyone who uses e-cigarettes from adopting children. In fact, some districts preclude anyone who has used an e-cigarette in the past 12 months from adopting.

His response was much the same as mine:

This story really turns my stomach. Moreover, it is just heartbreaking. How misguided this policy is. How devastating the consequences. Due to the anti-smoking groups’ dissemination of false and misleading information about the hypothetical consquences of vaping, actual harm is being done to many people.

This story reveals that not only is this harm being done to smokers who have decided to continue smoking rather than engage in a behavior that many health advocates say is as dangerous as…

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