Bent Science and Bad Medicine: The Medical Profession, Moral Entrepreneurship and Social Control

1 Mar

I am just a common ordinary self educated, self aware being, who like ALL of us that make up humanity whether, known or not known, unfortunately live under the tyranny above….! A troubling sixth sense that began in me long ago, regarding the business of addiction and recovery has now been upgraded. My rare perceptions, are keen observations directly from my clear senses and all my mistrust and disgust is now documentable and any self doubt is gone or exonerated. Is this the new dark ages? Instead of domination of the Church, we have an equally endowed all powerful overlord, the addiction police? One of the worst clues for me, was the realization that the Criminal Justice system is the enforcement of these one-sided, oligarchian profits before people organizations.
> If you accidentally have one drink over the .08% blood alcohol limit for any weight or size, at a local tavern, where your car has been spotted, noted by the sting posse (Sheriff’s Dept.), they lay in wait, for you to exit the parking lot, onto a highway, pull you over, force you to take a sobriety test, throw you in jail overnight, a good lawyer pleads wreckless driving, a years probation is your sentence (that’s getting off lightly), but….. In the probation, you are forced to attend AA required to obtain signatures, Drug counseling et al. In other words this revolving door that enriches the lives of those already enriched, the barons of all that’s well or not well with the world, has it’s tentacles so tightly clasped around the necks of individuals rights to privacy and personal liberty…. ech… whoa… and that is NOW the standard. 12th Step Recovery as a prescription to all, for any reason at all, has morphed into the torturousness of the worst imaginable yet not inconceivable tyrannical domination that foreshines all eras of oppression, known previously, in history. I am a vaper and as an ex-smoker of 43 years, this evil, is the very same idiology that would like to condemn my right to improve my own lung health, by calling others and myself nicotine-addicts with of course only one cure, the one that profits us the least and those in the CURING business’ the most!



Bent Science and Bad Medicine: The Medical Profession, Moral Entrepreneurship and Social Control.

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