We Have Germination!===Is the PP Debate Finished?

13 Mar

Bolton Smokers Club

OK. No big deal.

I sowed the seeds on the 11th, and now, the 14th, the little darlings are popping up all over the surface of the compost. Very tiny, of course, but visible. Three/four days has sufficed. What is important is that my home-gathered seeds are viable. They are third generation, and should be ‘acclimatised’ to my soil to some extent. The only inference that I draw from that is that the plants will be just a little ‘hardier’. I don’t quite know what I mean by that! Perhaps it means that cooler, wetter conditions will not deter growth initially but not stop growth in due course.


Another interesting point is that ‘toasting’ is becoming more and more obvious as a means of ‘ageing’ tobacco quickly. I have been at it again, toasting Red Virginia and using it in a blend. I wanted to confirm my initial impressions…

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