E-cigs in the USA

30 Apr

How to treat the populous like a pie and divide it into segments. Smokers and vapers removed from the platter and served outside in the rain. Now is everybody happy?

Bolton Smokers Club

I have been reading Michael Siegel. It seems that a couple of people in the MSM have broke ranks. You can read about it here:


Siegel says that Jacob Sullum (where do these people get their surnames from?) has pulled the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) argument about the dangers of ecigs to pieces. And so he has. What is a bit different is that Sullum is actually editor in chief on Reason.com. The same article appears in Forbes.com, another marginal publication. But what is important is that the piece is not just an oped from a columnist but is actually from the editor of the site. The only problem is that Reason.com is not especially ‘big’ in MSM terms. EG, there were only 39 comments on the story. Siegel also points to another article in Forbes.com by a Sally Satal, who is ‘resident scholar at the American Enterprise…

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