Anti-smoking experts paid by Big Pharma

19 May

Corruption is deadly!

Frank Davis

Another article by Klaus K:

November, 2014: Original Danish article Klaus K blog: Anti-ryge eksperter var betalt af Big Pharma

¤ Surgeon General editors received pharma money for decades

¤ Top experts must leave advisory panel: Massive conflicts of interest

¤ Judge: Close ties with Glaxo & Pfizer make their advice “suspect”

By Klaus K, researcher


A court case in Washington DC has revealed massive conflicts of interest with three prominent anti-tobacco experts who were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, while they were designated by the US government as scientific editors of the official “Surgeon General” reports on tobacco. These include the report “Nicotine Addiction” in 1988, and the report on secondhand smoke in 2006.

For decades the three experts received money from the pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, which casts serious doubt on the work of the experts. The two drug companies achieved significant economic…

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