Health Control

11 Jan

Way to go!

Bolton Smokers Club

I haven’t much time tonight, so this post will be short.

‘Health Control’ is a weird idea. But what else can one think of when there is such a thing as ‘The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’? I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a ‘five year plan’ to so demonise alcohol that a FCAC (Framework Convention of Alcohol Control) has already been written.

It is worth thinking back to the foundation of the WHO. I have not the time to go into detail tonight, but I believe that the WHO was set up in 1948 or thereabouts. That is only three years after the end of the vastly devastating WW2. One might ask who the people were who had the strength and power and money to create such an organisation, which would inevitably cost millions and millions of pounds, and one might ask what ‘World Health’ might…

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