Believe in Yourself!

21 May

Anti-smoking experts paid by Big Pharma

19 May

Corruption is deadly!

Frank Davis

Another article by Klaus K:

November, 2014: Original Danish article Klaus K blog: Anti-ryge eksperter var betalt af Big Pharma

¤ Surgeon General editors received pharma money for decades

¤ Top experts must leave advisory panel: Massive conflicts of interest

¤ Judge: Close ties with Glaxo & Pfizer make their advice “suspect”

By Klaus K, researcher


A court case in Washington DC has revealed massive conflicts of interest with three prominent anti-tobacco experts who were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, while they were designated by the US government as scientific editors of the official “Surgeon General” reports on tobacco. These include the report “Nicotine Addiction” in 1988, and the report on secondhand smoke in 2006.

For decades the three experts received money from the pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, which casts serious doubt on the work of the experts. The two drug companies achieved significant economic…

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Fire in the Madhouse

17 May

“And nothing much has changed.”


Fire in the Madhouse

Existentialists challenge you to buck conventional wisdom – I am not sure about, ‘conventional,’ but Tobacco Control certainly bucks wisdom. However, there is an area of existentialism which asserts that one is anything that an individual thinks she/he is. I think that this is the principle that this collection of organisations are following. Take for example…

Nicotine is deadly and very, very bad, unless, it is, ‘my’ nicotine.

Up until very recently, nicotine was thought to be highly addictive, a dangerous poison, and some (still) argue that it is carcinogenic: This, I suppose, is understandable given its close association and cofuscation with tobacco smoking, but, for the most part, it is accepted that nicotine does not cause cancer, is not so highly addictive as once thought, and, as far as the levels contained in e cigarette liquids are concerned, is  no more toxic than dishwashing…

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Fire in the Madhouse

17 May

And nothing much has changed.”

Fire in the Madhouse.

E-cigs in the USA

30 Apr

How to treat the populous like a pie and divide it into segments. Smokers and vapers removed from the platter and served outside in the rain. Now is everybody happy?

Bolton Smokers Club

I have been reading Michael Siegel. It seems that a couple of people in the MSM have broke ranks. You can read about it here:

Siegel says that Jacob Sullum (where do these people get their surnames from?) has pulled the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) argument about the dangers of ecigs to pieces. And so he has. What is a bit different is that Sullum is actually editor in chief on The same article appears in, another marginal publication. But what is important is that the piece is not just an oped from a columnist but is actually from the editor of the site. The only problem is that is not especially ‘big’ in MSM terms. EG, there were only 39 comments on the story. Siegel also points to another article in by a Sally Satal, who is ‘resident scholar at the American Enterprise…

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Why This Isn’t Just About Vaping

30 Apr

LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY! Thank you it reminded me of what is really at stake!

One Vaper's Path

Humans have throughout history proven to be freethinkers.  They discovered fire, the wheel, how to hunt, and everything we have in our daily lives, right down to the computer you are using to read this.

Why are we now so willingly handing over our rights to be freethinkers?  Because the ability to be a freethinker is being educated out of us.  We grow up being told how we should act, how to dress, what foods we should eat.   It isn’t just in schools either.   Have you looked at a magazine or tv?  We are bombarded with it day in and day out.  It is no wonder there is a major lack of what use to be common sense in the world today.

By the time we are adults most of us have spent years being taught, not how to think for ourselves, but how to follow instructions.


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Why This Isn’t Just About Vaping

30 Apr

Why This Isn’t Just About Vaping.