16 Mar

From across the pond, excuse me.  First I’d like to say, I am in favor of Electronic Cigarettes and yes they will replace smoking but not if their shoved down people throats via threats and castagation tactics, worse yet the TPD who has doctored the dose of nicotine, that would make vaping unsatisfying.  I am a 100% involved with advocacy for promoting the usage of all electronic cigarettes and they don’t need promotion, they work by smokers socializing with smokers who change over to vaping and share openly how great it is to save money and save their lives too.  I own nothing, I am not involved financially in any manner with  sales of Electronic Cigarettes.  I am a member of the Vaping Militia and (Consumer Activists For Safer Alternatives Association).  I realise that our governments operate differently.  Socialised medicine may be a whole other animal, as to what we are fighting to maintain here in the USA that being the freedom of choice, even if the choice is to smoke, drink or eat the wrong foods and not exercise enough.  I was attracted to vaping in May 2010.  That is almost 4 years and in this time as an advocate, I have socially connected with vapers all over the world, but in the United States millions at least 4 million vapers have quit smoking voluntarily by their own idea and their own choice.  Smoking bans, and criminalisation of smokers has not played a role in why people have turned to vaping. economics mostly, the cost of the taxation is tatamount to a war crime.  If it is ever truly exposed that Governments have systematically lied and have supported lies about 2nd hand smoke in order to tax, demonize, ostracize, and now penalise smokers, one particular consumer group so very very unfairly and too such a degree that it’s the governments that are criminal and have spread fears,  false science to the populations and have effectively created a hate campaign against people enjoying their emancipated status of freedom as adults.  You seem to have the idea, that Electronic Cigarettes don’t sell themselves, well how can they, when the EU conveniently has banned advertising for them, and usage bans on where to use Electronic Cigarettes.  Big Pharma needs to shrink I realize thats heiracy, blasphemy for the simple reasoning, why do health professionals think that people like health professionals in their lives so much (TOO much) eh?  While the move to de-normalisation of smoking is the loud trumphet call of the Tobacco Control Zealots, why do you behave so contradictory to you purpose and while de-normalising smoking you replacing it by normalising illness and the need for dependency on Public Health?  Adults like to feel like the masters of their own lives, whether anyone else approves as long as it hurts no one else and SECOND HAND SMOKE will be judged someday soon we will see to it as non-science, lies a propoganda billion dollar criminal act performed by those who profitted from it!


e-cig haters and their arguments against… haters gonna hate

16 Dec

e-cig haters and their arguments against… haters gonna hate