Blather and the EU

18 Apr

Ignorance is the law and the Citizens are the 99% tile.

Bolton Smokers Club

I have been reading quite a lot about the EU, the WHO and the UN tonight. It always amuses me to read how people tie themselves into knots over things like ‘how to leave the EU’; it seems that the UK would have to invoke Article 50, or something that that previous government of the UK agreed to.

The reality is very different.

It is no accident that Treaties are not passed by Parliament. They are agreed by whatever current government exists. Sure, there will be discussions in Parliament, but when it comes down to actually signing the Treaty the government of the day simply does it. Thus, the existing government at the time agrees, with other governments in other states, to abide by the Treaty. As I understand it, there are lots of treaties still ‘on the books’, but which time has rendered obsolete.  The odd thing about that…

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