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Brand-Spankin’ New Study: Are Low-Carb Meat Eaters in Trouble?

29 Mar

This is a good example of how our health is being traded like stocks!

Denise Minger

We interrupt your regularly scheduled wheat broadcast for an important announcement!

A few of you lovely readers emailed me today (thanks!) about the study Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This paper compares mortality rates for folks eating a so-called “animal-based diet” versus a so-called “vegetable-based diet,” both of them so-called “low carbohydrate.” I finally got a chance to look at it, and indeed, a glance at the abstract looks a little spooky for any low-carb omnivores out there:

A low-carbohydrate diet based on animal sources was associated with higher all-cause mortality in both men and women, whereas a vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diet was associated with lower all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality rates.

Oh noes! This abstract sounds vaguely China-Study-esque, with the conclusion that plant-based diets are healthier than ones featuring more animal foods. Was this study really comparing hardcore meat eaters…

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To Public Health

22 Jan

(Original written by Fergus Mason)

Source: To Public Health

Snakes in Smocks: Unrecognized Corporate Psychopathy in the Medical Profession

24 Aug

Although by no means a scientific study, Psycopaths, by their very nature, seek power and it would make sense that a psychopath among us might pick surgery over pediatrics or pathology as they are …

Source: Snakes in Smocks: Unrecognized Corporate Psychopathy in the Medical Profession

One Expulsion Leads To Another

17 Aug

The waves move right across the pond. George Soros hard at work to destroy western cultures!

Frank Davis

Most UK smokers will probably remember 1 July 2007. I certainly do. That was the day we smokers were expelled from UK pubs, and – as ASH director Deborah Arnott had accurately predicted – were “exiled to the outdoors”.  I’ve been there ever since. Just today, since it was sunny, I visited a local pub, and as ever sat outside with a beer and a cigarette.

1 July 2007 was a day when the world turned upside down. And stayed upside down. Smokers had been welcome in pubs since time immemorial. And now, by an Act of Parliament, they were no longer. The world has never seemed quite right since.

I’m beginning to wonder if 24 June 2016 was an equally memorable day, for more or less the exact same reason. Because that was the day Britons woke up to find that a majority of them had just voted to…

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How False Constructs Come to Be Regarded As Irrefutable Truth: The Malleus Maleficarum, Demonologists and Witch-Prickers–Let’s See if She Floats!

17 Aug

Swimming against a tide of corruption!

Disrupted Physician

“The belief that there are such things as witches is so essential a part of the faith that obstinately to maintain the opposite opinion manifestly savors of heresy.”   So begins Malleus…

Source: How False Constructs Come to Be Regarded As Irrefutable Truth: The Malleus Maleficarum, Demonologists and Witch-Prickers–Let’s See if She Floats!

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Seven thousand nothings

1 Aug

There are now seven thousand chemicals in tobacco, and the same number of chemicals in the smoke from a cigarette. The educationally challenged will believe this without question because they want …

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Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’

31 Jul

It would appear that there is no such thing as ‘safe.’ If we are to believe what we are told, particularly with reference to Harm Reduction, there is no such thing exists as safe. We are told this…

Source: Is it Safe to Say, ‘Safe?’

Abuse Hidden Under a Veil of Benevolence: Bill Cosby, Physician Health Programs and Cognitive Dissonance

12 Jan

Source: Abuse Hidden Under a Veil of Benevolence: Bill Cosby, Physician Health Programs and Cognitive Dissonance

Health Control

11 Jan

Way to go!

Bolton Smokers Club

I haven’t much time tonight, so this post will be short.

‘Health Control’ is a weird idea. But what else can one think of when there is such a thing as ‘The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’? I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a ‘five year plan’ to so demonise alcohol that a FCAC (Framework Convention of Alcohol Control) has already been written.

It is worth thinking back to the foundation of the WHO. I have not the time to go into detail tonight, but I believe that the WHO was set up in 1948 or thereabouts. That is only three years after the end of the vastly devastating WW2. One might ask who the people were who had the strength and power and money to create such an organisation, which would inevitably cost millions and millions of pounds, and one might ask what ‘World Health’ might…

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Having Fun with Wikipedia

27 Jun



With just a few minor changes in terminology, the description of regulation and control of e cigarettes fits in neatly with that of the Spanish Inquisition as it is presented in the introduction to the topic on Wikipedia.

The regulation, control and inquisition of electronic cigarettes officially known in the EU as, the ‘Tobacco Products Directive, Article 20’, and in the USA, ’Substantial Equivalence,’ under the auspice of the FDA, was established in the early 21st century by the European Union and Government of the United States of America. It was intended to maintain public health orthodoxy in the kingdoms and to supplement the ‘medieval’ FCTC which was under World health Organisation control. It became the most substantive of the different manifestations of the wider anti-tobacco inquisition along with other individual national inquisitions.
The Inquisition was originally intended in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of those who converted…

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