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The Effects of Ebola on COP 6

20 Oct

Taking full account of it all.

Bolton Smokers Club

Have the Zealots and Charlatans finished yet? Have they finished their secret decision-making jollifications in Moscow?

The WHO is under siege over Ebola, and in any normal Industry, heads would roll. But that is hardly likely in the WHO. That is because it is not like any other Industry in that it is an Absolute Monopoly. It is a little like an Absolute Monarchy, except that no one knows who the Monarch is. Further, in the current climate over Ebola, one would think that the WHO would be fully occupied by it and that Tobacco Control would take a back seat. But don’t expect that it be so. The probability is that COP6 will be exploited with the fullest enthusiasm, once it has completed its secret cogitations. After all, the WHO President decided to avoid a conference about Ebala and attend a conference about ‘the tobacco epidemic’ instead. She rated…

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Are electronic cigarettes expensive compared to their less healthy counterparts?

18 Oct

Excellent and informative, hope many will take advantage of the information.

A school of dolphins

Answer by Ljubica Kljaic Petracic:

Already wrote about it on my site, so I’ll just rewrite myself.

The answer in a nutshell: electronic cigarette is as expensive (or as cheap) as you choose it to be.

With so many e-cig variants today, you can really choose whether you’re going to pay around $50 or $150 or more monthly. This includes initial costs (starter kit i.e. batteries a couple of cartomizers or clearomizers, USB charger, wall adapter)

Of course, there are expensive or, shall we say, way overpriced e-cig products on the market. These are mostly disposables, usually sold at malls, gas stations ets. They don’t last nearly as much as advertised. After trying a number of these, I can say that you basically give anything between $7-10 for several hours of vaping. You obviously don’t need that.

There are high quality reusable vapor cigarettes that are definitely not on…

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Another ‘wrong charger’ story.

14 Oct

Wrong Charger so quit charging E-Cigarettes life savers with everything that goes wrong from pilot error!

underdogs bite upwards

Quickie. I am enganged in sorting what gets transferred to the new computer and what gets left on backup. Ribs now allow me to move things… carefully.

A man was hospitalised after an Electrofag exploded and blew his legs off… well no, not really. The clue is well hidden in the article.

It is believed he was using a third-party charger that did not come with the original e-cigarette.

So it wasn’t an Electrofag at all. Once again it was a case of lithium battery, wrong charger. As for his needing three months of skin grafts, I have had more damage falling over drunk. It leaves scars. I have never had a skin graft although I once had an ulcerated cut (wasn’t even drunk that time) and had to use a topical antibiotic called Cicatrin (brilliant stuff) until it grew back. Left a scar that gets UFO buffs excited…

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A Very Strange Law-Case

13 Oct

Excellent analogy.

Bolton Smokers Club

Anna Raccoon has drawn attention to a very strange Case which seems to have only recently ended:

It concerns a couple, A (the father) and E (the mother), who have a son with all sorts of apparent medical problems of which one is autism.

The whole thing is so odd that I would recommend that people read Anna’s description of the Case and then read the full judgement:

I find it fascinating.

The main point that Anna makes (I think) is that, when the case came before a ‘proper’ Judge, it unravelled, bit by bit, until the allegations of wrong-doing, which the parents, especially the mother, had levied at ‘the authorities’ were revealed to be utterly without substance. The FACTS revealed by the Judge’s investigations and the evidence were contrary to the claims of the parents. In fact, it seems that the parents had been inventing illnesses and…

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Defund the Incestuous Nannies!

1 Oct


A school of dolphins

I support the defunding of nannying Public Health NGOs.

The pernicious, insidious, and sometimes untruthful statements made by some NGOs is a veritable blot on the landscape of “Public Health”. Not all of them lie all the time, some rarely do, but when they do lie, it does tend to be at an important point in the history of their particular bete noir.

What you may not realise is that most of the NGOs are partially funded by you, and much of the money they get is used to lobby at all levels of government for regulations which, they insist, are essential to the well-being of the Nation. How do they get their funds from you? Usually as part of your taxes to either national or local government, from where their friends (the lobbyists) take a nice deep dip into the public trough.

I would ask you to consider, that, in a time…

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