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Your Days Are Numbered

23 Dec

You are not alone with those thoughtful sentiments!

Frank Davis

I must say that I really enjoy how antismoking zealots are falling out with each other over e-cigs. It’s enough to go buy some popcorn and a few beers, and sit back watching the action with a big grin.

These are people who’ve all devoted their lives to attacking and demonising and excluding smokers (and now vapers), largely at public expense, and now they’re all attacking and demonising each other.

So H/T Dick Puddlecote for the latest spat, which is between one-time ASH boss (and thus antismoker) Clive Bates, and the four authors of an outraged letter to the Lancet, in response to the letter from a part-time waitress in Cornwall.

You really couldn’t make it up.

The authors of the Lancet letter complain of being “insulted”, adding:

anyone with the temerity to suggest that e-cigarettes are anything other than the game changing solution to the problem…

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A Slight Parting of the Curtains

19 Dec

Buy the whole bag of apples and gamble on whether one is spoiled?

Frank Davis

I’ve always regarded antismoking zealotry as almost inseparable from global warming alarmism. They are, after all, both concerned with trace amounts of gases in the atmosphere, once regarded as innocuous, but now widely believed to be lethal.

Yet despite this, global warming sceptics (or “deniers”) seldom make the same association. There’s an almost complete blackout on the subject.

But today on Bishop Hill there was a slight parting of the drawn curtains with the news that, as well as being sceptical about global warming claims, atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen is also sceptical about antismoking claims:

Lindzen clearly relishes the role of naysayer. He’ll even expound on how weakly lung cancer is linked to cigarette smoking. He speaks in full, impeccably logical paragraphs, and he punctuates his measured cadences with thoughtful drags on a cigarette.

and continued to be as recently as 2011:

Anna: ….Did you dispute that there was…

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A (Goose) Step too Far

18 Dec


The Random Vaper

When the smoking ban in cars with children was first mooted I had a problem with it; not because I thought that smoking in cars with children was a good thing, I certainly don’t, but because it is the first step on the proverbial slippery slope of allowing the state to control our otherwise perfectly legal activities within our own private space.

Of course we have been suffering the effects of the draconian smoking ban in enclosed public spaces for years. The bans are, apparently, popular with the public and there are high levels of compliance even though official enforcement is virtually invisible. Smokers have largely adapted to these bans and the more smoke friendly establishments have found creative ways in which to keep their smoking clientele relatively comfortable. However there would have been no need to do so had the bans been implemented in a fair fashion, for example…

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Burstyn comments at FDA workshop on ecig science

12 Dec


Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Igor Burstyn

[Editor’s Note: As I mentioned previously, FDA refused CASAA’s application to have Igor appear on the agenda of the FDA workshop on e-cigarette chemistry and related science. After seeing who they did put on stage, it became doubly clear that they were intentionally avoiding Igor because he had the expertise and credibility to point out fundamental flaws in a solid majority of what was presented. Fortunately Greg Conley had three minutes on the agenda and gave it to Igor, so that he could present the following talk. It was not a lot of time, but it was enough for Igor to point out how absurd is most of what passes for science in this realm. His slides are here. I have inserted the slide advance marks in the text. –CVP]

[Slide 1] Good morning, folks. First, a small correction. Actually, my affiliations are on the slide now, not from the previous…

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Civil Forfeiture: A Civil Rights Violation

8 Dec

Civil Forfeiture: A Civil Rights Violation.